Secrets of Astrology Revealed
October 2015:
The US Tour
With: Shelly Rom & Boaz Fyler
NYC: 13-19 October 2015
LA: 25-29 October 2015
Israeli Astrology stars
Shelly Rom and Boaz Fyler are arriving
to NY and LA
for 2 exclusive mind opening events!
Rom and Fyler are an astrological "power team". This tour is opportunity to witness the joining of these two
amazing professionals or book a personal reading with one of them.
The events provide an in depth look into the mystic art of stargazing and are suited for the general public with an exciting personal touch for everyone.
Boaz Fyler 
Is an Evolutionary Astrologer with 18 years of experience. Boaz serves on the board of OPA - ‘The Organization for Professional Astrology’ as their Community Outreach Coordinator worldwide, and acts as their Israeli satellite.
Boaz is invited to teach and lecture in the US, in Europe and in Israel on a regular basis. His work and forecasts are published in Israel’s biggest news sites as well as in international publications. 
Boaz provides private consultations for individuals and businesses in English or Hebrew
Shelly Rom
 Is an Astrologer and Medium with 20 years of experience.
She is the creator of the #1 independent astrological website in Israel, and manages the online astrology section of Ynet Yediot Achronot, Israel’s biggest and most well known daily paper.
Shelly writes forecasts for Hadshot USA, and teaches Astrology and Supreme Consciousness classes. Shelly provides personal consultations for individuals and couples in Hebrew.    
In these events Rom and Fyler explore the meaning of many of life’s deepest questions, as seen by the mystics of old, from the dawn of civilization up to the present day:
  • Is our life ‘written down’ before we come here or do we have free choice to ‘write’ our own futures?
  • What are the reasons our lives are the way they are, with certain subjects or areas of our lives in which we feel ‘Karma’ or fated occurrences?
  • How can we better align ourselves with our destinies and roles on this earth this time around?
Subjects explored at the
The Age of Aquarius, Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness
We are at the gate of the new age, a time in which higher knowledge and understanding are becoming transparent to us all.
This is a critical period for the personal and social evolution of consciousness of the human race.
We are challenged to have a better understanding of the spiritual, with practical and positive implications on our daily lives.
We employ new tools as technology and science confirm spiritual principles that have been disregarded for hundreds of years.
We all have an active role to play as co creators in the world we live in.
Hidden Clues to Sacred Knowledge
Our world is full of hidden signposts of esoteric principles that are standing before our eyes yet remain hidden from the layman’s eye.
We will learn to observe the clues to hidden knowledge all around us and the principles that govern them.
Once revealed, you too will have greater knowledge of
WHY our culture and civilization are structured the way they are.
The History of Astrology through the Ages
Where, when, why and how did the art of stargazing begin?
How has the progress in astrology supported advances in medicine, chemistry, culture and philosophy, physics, geometry and math?
We will travel through time together, from the days of Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, Hellenistic Greece, Arabia’s Golden Age and the Dark Ages in Europe, The flowering of the Renaissance, the Age of Reason and finally, the Modern Age.   
Halloween – The Celtic New Year
What are the origins and mystical meaning of Halloween?
Who did they manifest in Celtic rituals and practices that are the foundation of the holiday we celebrate today?
What is the connection between Halloween, our alter ego and Hebrew? 
All this and more in an amazing event you are sure to remember for a long time.  This is a one time opportunity and the space is limited.
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  • Brooklyn Event for Hebrew & English speaking audiences with Shelly Rom and Boaz Fyler
When: 17 oct 2015
Where: Brooklyn - House of Yes
408 Jefferson St
Bushwick, Brooklyn
  • LA Event for Hebrew & English speaking audiences with Shelly Rom and Boaz Fyler
When: 27 oct 2015
Where: LA  in the Valley - To be announced
Order your ticket today!
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Shelly and Boaz are both available for a limited number of consultations on this US tour.
For reservations and more info, please contact:
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 Boaz fyler cell: +972542005777
 Shelly cell: +972508663028
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